How It Got Started

My home is full of YARN

& my hero Mr Bloos

5 incredible little women

2 rather mature cats

2 crazy kittens

Puppy Frank

& of course my Boo

Chairs are for sharing

A minute's peace is unheard of

But there is an abundance of LOVE

Joodybloos is the business name I imagined many years ago, in 1988, whilst studying Art & Design in 6th form.  My Grandmother, known as Gladdy, taught me to crochet when visiting on Sundays.  I was inspired by her fabulous creations.  In my early 30's my Grandmother died at the grand age of 97.  I inherited her hooks and used library books to improve my crochet skills and knowledge.  In my 40's I attended crochet classes with the fabulous Gina Couch.  She helped me to find my crochet wings and fly.

I fell in love with Amigurumi, inspired by my youngest daughter's desire to cuddle soft toys.  I also love creating things for our home (can a home have too many blankets?)

Once my youngest began to settle into school, I decided to create the little business I had dreamt of all those years ago.  I created Gladdy's Yarnbox as a legacy to my formidable Grandmother and I am now beginning to grow my collection of crochet patterns under the name Joodybloos.  I hope that you enjoy them and I would love to hear from you with feedback and photos of your work.  Message me on Instagram or Facebook or direct to my email

Interview (3).jpg
Colorful Yarn