Free Quick Wip available in US Terms - Granny Square Flower Earrings

This Joodbloos Quick Wip Crochet Pattern is available here free, for a limited time only.

To make these Granny Square Flower Earrings You will need:

1.50mm hook*

A sewing needle with an eye wide enough to take the yarn


A small pair of pliers to attach the earring hoop to the hanger

A small amount lace weight mercerised cotton yarn (I use Scheepjes Sweet Treats colours: 400 Petrol Blue approximately 8m / 8.75 yards & 251 Garden Rose approximately 3m / 3.28 yards)

2 earring hooks

2 Square (Kite hanging) Earring Hoops 2.7cm square/ 1.0625 inch square (inside dimension)

*Please note that hook size is dependent on tension and therefore my vary.

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ch - chain

rpt – repeat

[ ] – a group of stitches to form a pattern, usually repeated

slp st – slip stitch

slp st join – join in a round with a slip stitch

sts – stitches

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

dc clstrdc – the number of doubles stated all joined together at the top to form a cluster

Chain Space – the space created by a series of chain stitches

MR – magic ring

Some Tips Before You Begin:

This Quick Wip can be fiddly, but fun. My advice is, relax. Count your stitches and breathe. Enjoy every stitch! It’s such a Quick Wip, you can take your time and enjoy it.

It has been suggested that I crochet more loosely than average, and so it may be that you wish to go up half a hook size to match the size of my pattern – please do your tension square.

Tension Square:

I know, I know, I hate doing tension squares too, but without one you run the risk of your tiny Granny Square not fitting the Square Earring Hoop.

For me 9sc x 10 rows = 1inch x1inch square.

To make your tension square:

Foundation ch 10

Row 1: working in to the second chain from your hook, 9sc, turn (9sts)

Rows 2-10 : 1ch, 9sc, turn (9 rows) For me 9dc x 10 rows = 1inch x1inch square.

If your tension square is not the same size as mine, try adjusting your hook up or down a half size; try a larger hook if your square is smaller (your tension is tighter than mine) or a smaller hook if your square is bigger (your tension is looser than mine)

Let's Begin!

Granny Flower Square (Make Two)

Colour Key:

A Petrol Blue

B Garden Rose

Beginning with a Magic Ring

Rnd 1: Using colour A Slp St into the MR, 1ch, 8sc into the MR, changing to colour B Slp Join into the first sc. I do not cut colour A

Rnd 2: Using colour B 2ch, 3clstrdc into the same st, [5ch, miss 1sc, 4dc clstr into the next sc] rpt 3 times, 5ch, pick up colour A and change to colour A as you slp join to the top of the first clstr. (do not worry that it travels slightly across your work, we fix this later in the pattern) (24sts)

You can cut Colour B now leaving a 25cm tail to sew in later.

Rnd 3: Turn your work. Using colour A Slp into the nearest 5ch space, 3ch, 3dc, 3ch, 3dc into the same 5ch space, [1dc into the top of the clstr, 3dc, 3ch, 3dc into the next 5ch space] rpt 3 times, 1dc into the top of the last clstr, slp join into the 2nd ch of the first 2ch

Now we attach this tiny Granny Square to the Earring Hoop as follows:

With the right side of your earring hoop facing you start on the left side (see image)

Figure 1: Right Side

Figure 2: wrong side

Begin attaching here

Rnd 4: 1ch, 2sc encasing the hoop (this brings you to a corner). 1ch, then still encasing the hoop with every sc, 1sc into the corner 3ch space, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch, [7sc encasing hoop, corner: 1ch, 1sc,1ch,1sc,1ch] rpt this twice, then 7sc, You should now be at the top of your earing hoop, 1sc into corner 3ch space encasing hoop, 3ch (this 3 ch goes across the front post of the hoop) 1sc into corner 3ch space on the other side of the post so encasing the top left corner, 5sc into the next 5 doubles, slp join into the first sc. Cast off

How to sew in the ends

The ends are actually visible on the right side of your work at this point.

Sew in colour A ends first and snip ends.

Now using the colour B ends, whip stitch (this means sew little stitches over and over) the colour A visible next to your cluster, sew in end and snip.

Repeat using the second colour B end – your colour A should no longer be visible. If you are unsure of this process please have a look at the video on You Tube.

Finally, using a small pair of pliers, open up the hanging loop on the earring hook by twisting it sideways and attach the Granny Flower hanging hoop (see video if you are unsure)

and you’ve finished!

I had great fun making this pattern and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed it too. I value your feedback so do please get in touch. You can message me on Instagram @joodybloos or email

These Earring are lightweight and fun to wear. They make a great Quick Wip gift. If you wish to make this pattern to sell I have no problem with that & wish you the very best of luck with your sales – I would be grateful if you would advertise the fact that this is a Joodybloos© Quick Wip© Pattern.

I would love to see a photo of your Earrings on Instagram #joodybloos #Quick Wip or @joodybloos in the comments so that I can find them easily. If you message/email your picture to me I will add it to the gallery on my website if you would like – your image may even feature in my blog!

It’s been fun working together!

Look out for more Joodbloos Quick Wip© Patterns…

Happy Crocheting!

Jude x

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