How I became a Crochet Pattern Designer

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

They say, ‘life begins at 40’ and my crochet life certainly did when I attended crochet classes with the fabulous Gina Couch. She helped me to unfold my crochet wings and taught me how to follow a pattern. and follow patterns I could, but would not! I would start a pattern, but then make alterations to it as I went. It began with changing colours, then adding patterns and textures and before long the lid blew off my creative heart; and that was when it happened! My waking and sleeping mind began to flood with crochet designs and patterns. So many things I wanted to create, so little time, never enough yarn, starting this, starting that. WIPs (works in progress) Everywhere! Utter CHAOS! And so I decided it was time to bring some order to this crazy mind of yarn and start writing down some of my pattern ideas. It Began When I Was Very Young I have always enjoyed making things. I think that it was my grandmother, Gladdy, who planted and nurtured the seed of creativity deep within me. I was truly in awe of her abundance of creative skills; crocheting, knitting, needlework, upholstery; And she grew fabulous flowers in her garden! My Grandmother Gladdy, pictured here, cheering at the street party, celebrating V.E Day with her neighbours. When Nan died at the grand age of 97 I inherited her hooks, her crochet evening class notes and patterns. I think that she would be very pleased to know that her efforts to teach me to crochet on her Sunday visits were not in vain. Although then I could only go round and round, I did finally get the hang of it and her hooks are in safe hands now. I have created a tiny yarn shop/studio, named Gladdy’s Yarnbox as a legacy to my formidable grandmother and I am beginning to grow my collection of crochet patterns. Where possible I film short videos to help support anyone who might need help with pattern reading, as I once did. Who taught you to crochet? Jude x

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