Lemon Squeezy Crochet

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Designing Crochet Patterns. Simple right? Nope! It is not easy to tie down creative flow. At times it’s a lot like, I imagine, steering a boat through rapids. For example, focusing on editing a pattern, when your brain keeps shouting out, ‘I’ve had another great idea!’, is near on impossible. My brain flits from idea to idea like a butterfly visits the flowers. Sometimes I win. Often I lose. However there is one thing I never do and that is give up!

There are great days. There are wine (whine) days. And there are days when if I didn’t laugh, or drink wine, I would surely cry! On these days, when I realize that

  • that file didn’t save

  • there’s a daft spelling error in my meticulously edited pattern

  • someone (sometimes even me) doesn’t like a design I have been working on for months

I remind myself of my little triumphs. I remind myself how far I have come and allow myself to dream of how far I might go. Staying Focused I love crocheting and creating, but writing the patterns down and the computer tech stuff requires me to be disciplined. In an attempt to stay focused, I keep a dairy in which I write bottomless lists. I have set days of the week when I do not allow myself to crochet. On ‘Money Monday’ for example, I make myself sit in front of the computer to edit my website, update my shops & prepare advertising. ‘Film Friday’ is for photos, filming and editing. I make sure on these days that I cross at least one or two things of my crazy long lists. These days are bitter sweet as, although I usually begin feeling quite flat and sorry for myself, I often finish up feeling delighted that I have once again tamed the tech. And then I plonk myself in a comfy chair with my hook and just do a row or two to celebrate! So no lemon squeezy here! This crocheting is served up with a huge dollop of gumption! (survival tips welcomed) Of course my most favourite days are those when I just crochet all day long. How do you manage your day, lay down your hook and focus on the task in hand? I’d love to hear from you Jude x

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