The Crochet Sanctuary - It's A World of Pure Imagination

Oh my goodness, what a treat. I loved it!

I was enveloped into a cozy, woolly world in which, around every corner there is another delightlful project to crochet. We crocheted in the morning, the afternoon and into the evening, pausing only to eat delectable dishes presented one after another, after another by the fabulous servers at Cranage Hall. It's like a Woolly Willy Wonka's factory!

Paradise to yarn hoarders, crochet addicts and serial PHD* cases.

This was a birthday treat for my big 5 0. I have been desperately wanting to go, but couldn't get a space as it so popular. Then one evening, just as I was laying the table for teatime, my crochet friend, Sandy, text me with a screen snap of This Crochet Sanctuary Advert

*PHD - Projects Half Done

Chaos ensued as I barged my husband to reach my handbag, squeaking,

'card, me, card, me'

too focused on the urgent job at hand to make any sense.

'I got in!' I squealed triumphant to my family.

'To what?' came their bemused response.

I beamed!

The event was just 3 weeks away. I was as excited as a child on Christmas Eve, but also nervous.

And those nerves grew into monsters which tinkered with my thoughts;

What if nobody talks to me?

What if I have to sit alone for meals?

If I dress in 80's will I look silly?

If I don't dress in 80's will people think that I'm dull?

What if I don't like what we are making? You don't know what you are going to make, it's always a surprise -

'you don't like surprises' my mind monsters convinced me.

'If you don't like it, just drive home' my lovely Mr Bloos told me.

And so I went!

Everybody Spoke to me!

Lisa & Lynda -Rose are so welcoming & professional. Their affable personalities embrace everyone in the room like a soft crochet blanket. I felt safe and at home as soon as I walked in.

The Projects were fabulous and all made with lovely quality yarn.

Whether you visit for a day or a weekend, your days will be filled with surprises and sweet treats of both the edible and the squishable kind. Sometimes there are even little surprise pop up shops. I had so much fun, I went back again for a crochet day visit last week (a lucky cancellation again!)

If you want to experience crochet paradise, simply book The Crochet Sanctuary.

But you'll have to keep your eyes peeled and be quick.

A space at The Crochet Sanctuary is almost as rare as a Wonka Golden Ticket!

Time stood still at my Crochet Sanctuary experience!

Find Lynne Rowes patterns & blog at The Wool Nest

Happy Crocheting Everyone!

Jude x

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